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Size Charts


Size Charts

Swimwear Manufacturer
Swimwear Manufacturer

Women’s Swimwear Size Chart

Swimwear size chart - Women

Men’s Swimshorts Size Chart

Swimwear size chart - Men
Swimwear Manufacturer

Women's Swimwear Selection by Body Shape

Swimwear Manufacturer

Women are beautiful in every singular way. Nobody, except you, should be concerned about how you look in a swimsuit. Be proud of your curves, or your petite size, love your body! Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of your body attributes and looking amazing at the beach or the pool. Here are just some tips if you want to consider them.

Body type - Apple Shape

Apple ShapE

The waist is wider than your hips, and equal to or nearly as wide as your bust.

Women with this body type are recommended to wear one-piece swimsuits, swimsuits with a high waisted bottom to hide the love handles, garments that are not very tight to the body with details in the middle of the body to highlight the waist, pleats or transparency on the sides achieving highlight and give the illusion of a slimmer waist.

Body type - Inverted Triangle Shape

Inverted Triangle Shape

Your shoulders are wider than your hips. Your bust is proportional to your shoulders.


Use the types of high cut swimsuit, bikinis with side tie, swimsuit or bikinis with embroidery on the sides, bikinis or Brazilian thongs.


They are also recommended to look for swimsuits with prints in horizontal lines to widen their hips and avoid vertical and diagonal lines, since they will only reduce their hips.

Body type - Pear Shape

Pear Shape

Hips are significantly wider than your waist and bust.

For this type of body, it is recommended to use swimsuits that help balance the hips with your body type since they are usually twice as large as your bust, we recommend you use swimsuits with push-up, bikini, one-piece swimsuits or luminous bikinis at the bottom that highlights your busts, wear swimsuits with designs on the top and a dark solid color below, high-waisted bikinis or swimsuits with vertical stripes on the bottom and on the top horizontal stripes.

Body type - Hourglass Shape

Hourglass Shape

Bust and hips are about the same size width, but your waist is smaller.

We can identify that women who maintain this type of body are curvilinear (defined curves) and can choose to wear any type of swimwear for the simple fact that they have a very marked waist and wide hips.

What can help you to further enhance your curves is wearing trikinis, high-waisted bikinis or necklines that frame your silhouette. If you want to show your abdomen, look for a classic panty. Higher-cut ones will create the illusion of longer legs. You can also look for clothes that have details on the waist, so that this is the center of attention

Swimwear by Body Shape
Swimwear Manufacturer
Swimwear Manufacturer

Technical Textiles

Technical textiles or technical fabrics are those made with specific yarns and fibers to improve the overall performance of a garment and its functional properties. They are usually made out of microfibers (synthetic fibers significantly thinner than human hair) and, are not just a trend. 


In the swimwear manufacturing industry, swimsuits or swim shorts made with technical textiles possess a wide range of properties such as:

Technical textiles - Moisture Wicking

Moisture Wicking

The ability to “absorb” sweat or water, “distribute” it through the fibers and dry fast.

Technical textiles - UPF-30 Filter

UPF-30 Filter

Sun Protection

Technical textiles - 4 Way Stretch

4-Way Stretch

It offers compression and elongation to the garment.

Technical textiles - Color fastness

Color Fastness

Your swimsuit’s colors will keep bright and vibrant for up to 50 washes resisting the effects of sea and chlorine (pool) water.

Technical textiles - Liquids and Dirt Repellency

Liquids and dirt repellency

Popular for swimshorts.

Mukura Swimwear manufacturers uses only technical fabrics for its customer´s products. We know how valuable a brand is for its owner and followers and, a great product should be consistent in every aspect: Design, Quality, Innovation and Service.


We Show Our Passion in Your Brand! 

Technical Textiles
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